Diesel engines for agricultural machinery

Seven requirements for agricultural machinery

  1、 High reliability: Agricultural machinery mainly used for farming with seasonal working; transport operation should also be taken into account.

  2、Large torque back-up factor: Agricultural machinery often operates at high-loads working conditions and requires high torque back-up rate in order to overcome sudden load increase due to different soil hardness.

  3、Good environment adaptability: complicated environment of domestic agricultural areas, such as high temperature, high altitude, sand-dust environment and so on.

  4、Good fuel adaptability: Fuel quality cannot be guaranteed because of poor storage conditions and environmental impact.

  5、Low vibration and small noise: Long working hours and high labor intensity make drivers feel tired. Agricultural machinery is required to provide a certain comfort to reduce drivers’ fatigue.

  6、Good engine economy: Agricultural machinery achieves bigger gains.

  7、Fast and convenient service: Fast service and adequate spare parts supply.