G-Drive Engines

In China, Weichai Power is not only one of the earliest engine manufactures, but also the largest diesel engine manufacturer. Weichai Power has sold industrial power generation to 100 countries and regions and built deep customer trust. For half a century, Weichai Power has been dedicated to the application and development of engines for its customers. Weichai Power is focused on continuous R & D to improve performance  while lowering emissions and positively impacting the environment. Weichai Power strives to be your choice for industrial power generation and provides full series, full field engine power. Weichai Power has four series of engine products for land generation, including the WP2.1-WP4.3 series, WP4/WP6 series, WP10/WP12/WP13 series, and Baudouin M26 series. At present, ts high speed series products are EU Stage II emissions certified. Weichai diesel enfine products have power ranges from 17.5 to 920kW and gas engine products have power ranges from 90 to 660kW. Weichai Power, the supplier to provide you with overall power service.