Successfully lauched a tugboat equipped with Baudouin 12M33 engine in Hai Phong

Last August, in Hai Phong city, under the supervision of Baudouin Vietnam service specialists and engineers and Pacific Shipbuilding Joint Stock Company, the tug boat equipped with 02 Baudouin engines 12M33 successfully lauched.


Weichai has developed sustainable marine fuel solutions

In Luzhou, Sichuan, the first local dual-fuel "Jiangsu 2022" dry cargo ship officially departed.


Weichai supports local areas in the peak time for electricity

At the present time,  the Southwest regions of China are in the hot season; as such, the demand for electricity is also increasing. In order to ensure the daily activities of the citizens and local businesses not being affected, Weichai professional technicians have timely delivered and installed the generating sets for those areas. 


Weichai WT160 - the leading hundred-ton super truck for the mines

Mining trucks are often very carefully selected by mining processing companies with strict standards. Weichai WT160 launched earlier this year, gathering 5 outstanding advantages, is considered the leading specialized vehicle in the whole industry.


Weichai Baudouin power generator engines’s wide application

Electricity is the most essential source of energy for the activities on a daily basis or the operation of a business. Therefore, it is important to choose a high-quality and suitable generator based on your electricity needs


Weichai Baudouin participated in the Electricity Exhibition GPOWER 2022
In the GPOWER 2022 International Electric Equipment and Generator Exhibition, held from August 11 to 13, in Nanjing, Jiangsu; Weichai introduced a trio of high-end gas generator engines: Weichai Baudouin 8M33, 20M33 and 12M55 attracted the attention of visitors.


Visit Weichai Baudouin generator engine manufacturing factory

Weichai Baudouin generator engine line launched in the market since 2017, has received high praise from experts and customers for its outstanding product quality. To create generators with such strong capacity and durable operation, Weichai Baudouin has constantly upgraded and modernized the production line with a high-quality technical team and advanced technological machines.


Weichai Baudouin generator engines - Reliable backup power sources for Data Centers

For Data Centers, which have information processing systems operating 24 hours a day, electricity is an indispensable energy source to maintain the business operations. Understanding that, Weichai has researched and developed generator sets with suitable features for data centers


Weichai installed CW6250 engine and trained for technicians of MT Hanoi 39 ship 

At the beginning of August, Weichai installed the CW6250-ZLC2 engine for the 4300-ton MT Hanoi 39 transport ship. This type of engine possesses many outstanding advantages such as high reliability, fuel economy and fuel economy. materials, easy to operate and maintain.


Handing over 70-ton LOVOL excavator equipped with Weichai Hydraulic powertrain system

In early August, the first Euro IV emission standard 70-ton Weichai LOVOL RF700F excavator, was officially completed and handed over to the customer. This is a new generation high-end machine, equipped with Weichai hydraulic powertrain system.

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Weichai Vietnam Team Building 2022

A moment of excitement, solidarity to build Weichai Vietnam team for a Green future in Vietnam.

Together, We are Winners!


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Weichai WP14T - The world's first diesel engine platform with a thermal efficiency of 51.09%.

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Baudouin - Everyday, Everywhere

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Warmly Welcome the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Weichai Group 1946-2021

#Weichai #75thAnniversary

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Ceremony the 75th Anniversary of Weichai Group (1946-2021)

October 18th, 2021 - A meaningful day for Weichai's people. There are 75 young couples from Weichai's companies hold a collective wedding at a ceremony the 75th anniversary of the founding of Weichai Group

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Sharing by Ms. Xue Hua, General Director of Weichai Vietnam at the Webinar "Sustainable Shipping - Green Technology in Shipbuilding" within the framework of INMEX 2021's event series on an online Zoom platform and streamed on Digital Connect. Comprehensive solution "The core is clean energy, combined with advanced engine technology and technical measures, efficient operation"

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Weichai 2021

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Warmly Celebrates the 74th Anniversary of the Weichai's founding
(20.10.1946 - 20.10.2020)

This is very Weichai!
Weichai celebrated its 74th birthday.
Weichai’s speed, passion, hard-core technology, smile... on this special day, one glorious moment, frame after frame of moving pictures, all demonstrate the original intention and mission of Weichai people

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Weichai - We are ONE
A thousand miles away
Although we come from different countries
But we respect, tolerate, and collaborate effectively

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Interview Mrs. Xue Hua - Managing Director of Weichai Vietnam on HTV9 - INMEX Vietnam 2019