Weichai brings the optimal power solution for every project

Appreciated for features and technology, Weichai generators provide reliable energy solutions that help connect in many fields. Here are 6 core technologies that help affirm the leading brand and quality of Weichai generators


Weichai engine brand is trusted for emergency ships

In recent years, Weichai engines have become the first choice for rescue ships because of their outstanding advantages and high competitiveness compared to other engines in the same segment on the market. Recently, an emergency ship powered by Weichai CW8250 engine has been successfully launched, proving the superior quality of the Weichai engine brand.


Weichai Vietnam - Happy New Year 2023


Weichai Vietnam - On the occasion of the Christmas season, we would like to send our best wishes to our customers and partners. Wishing you & your family a Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Weichai Lovol - China's Top 1 agricultural machine brand

On December 19, the Weichai Lovol 2023 smart agricultural equipment business conference was held in Anhui, China to summarize the achievements and discuss the next year development direction with partners and distributors


World's largest all-terrain crane powered by Weichai WP17 engine

Recently, the world's largest all-terrain crane developed by XCMG,  powered by Weichai WP17 engine was used to install the largest onshore wind turbine in Shandong province, China.


Weichai Vietnam visits Social Protection Center No 1

On November 30, Weichai Vietnam had a visit to Social Protection Center No 1 ( formerly Social Protection Center No 4) in Ba Vi,  this charity activity of Weichai is also an annual activity organized by the Board of Directors and staff actively participate.


Weichai Group Launches the World's First Commercialized Diesel Engine with a Brake Thermal Efficiency of 52.28% and natural gas engine with 54.16%

The base engine’s thermal efficiency of a natural gas engine was successfully improved exceeding the industry's highest level of 47.6% to 54.16%. This pioneering work will bring huge practical value to the whole society, can be saved fuel costs by more than 20%, carbon emission in the industry reduced by 25% or 30 million tons per year and the commercial application of 52.28% base diesel engine’s thermal efficiency technology can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 12% respectively.


Weichai Baudouin attracts attention at VIMEXPO

From November 16-18, 2022, VIMEXPO 2022 was solemnly held at the I.C.E International Exhibition Center in Hanoi, attracting the attention of many enterprises. Weichai - The world's leading engine manufacturer is present at VIMEXPO 2022 with the Baudouin 12M33 and 04M10 engines attracting the attention of many visitors.


Weichai Baudouin 16M33, a comprehensive power supply solution for coal mines

A power station for the mines equipped with four Weichai Baudouin 16M33 generator sets with a capacity of 1400 kW has received good reviews from customers. Since launching, this power station has been running efficiently with more than 5,000 hours, helping coal mines to exploit efficiently with high intensity and quality.

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Weichai Vietnam Team Building 2022

A moment of excitement, solidarity to build Weichai Vietnam team for a Green future in Vietnam.

Together, We are Winners!


Embedded thumbnail for Weichai WP14T with a thermal efficiency of 51.09%

Weichai WP14T - The world's first diesel engine platform with a thermal efficiency of 51.09%.

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Baudouin - Everyday, Everywhere

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Warmly Welcome the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Weichai Group 1946-2021

#Weichai #75thAnniversary

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Ceremony the 75th Anniversary of Weichai Group (1946-2021)

October 18th, 2021 - A meaningful day for Weichai's people. There are 75 young couples from Weichai's companies hold a collective wedding at a ceremony the 75th anniversary of the founding of Weichai Group

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Sharing by Ms. Xue Hua, General Director of Weichai Vietnam at the Webinar "Sustainable Shipping - Green Technology in Shipbuilding" within the framework of INMEX 2021's event series on an online Zoom platform and streamed on Digital Connect. Comprehensive solution "The core is clean energy, combined with advanced engine technology and technical measures, efficient operation"

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Weichai 2021

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Warmly Celebrates the 74th Anniversary of the Weichai's founding
(20.10.1946 - 20.10.2020)

This is very Weichai!
Weichai celebrated its 74th birthday.
Weichai’s speed, passion, hard-core technology, smile... on this special day, one glorious moment, frame after frame of moving pictures, all demonstrate the original intention and mission of Weichai people

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Weichai - We are ONE
A thousand miles away
Although we come from different countries
But we respect, tolerate, and collaborate effectively

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Interview Mrs. Xue Hua - Managing Director of Weichai Vietnam on HTV9 - INMEX Vietnam 2019