Baudouin France to Build the Global Brand of High Power Density and Large Power Engines

From September 12 to 13, 2023, Tan Xuguang investigated Baudouin in Cassis, France, focusing on the research and development center, assembly and test workshop, storage and logistics center. He listened to the company's relevant reports.


Mr. Tan Xu Guang chaired the strategic market conference of 05 Central Asian countries

On September 3, Mr. Tan Xu Guang, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, chaired a strategic market conference of five Central Asian countries with the theme "One Belt, One Road" in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan 


Tan Xuguang have a discussion with the Italian ambassador to China

At the invitation of Italian Ambassador to China H.E. Massimo Ambrosetti, Chairman of Weichai Group Tan Xuguang attended the discussion meeting at the embassy in Beijing on 25th August.


10 Ways to Identify Faulty Machinery Onboard Ships

 Along with knowing the right procedures to operate the ship’s machinery, mariners must also know how to identify and troubleshoot any problem in the engine room. Following are 10 ways in which a mariner can identify and rectify faulty machinery


Successfully launched 130 meter cargo ship equipped with LNG engine

A few days ago, the 130 meter long cargo ship Chang Hang Huo Yun 002 equipped with LNG WH20 engine was successfully launched in Hubei province, China. This is the natural gas engines researched and developed by Weichai for the high-end market segment.


Weichai WP14T engine is trusted for refrigerated trucks

In mid-August, 68 refrigerated trucks equipped with Weichai WP14T engines were handed over to customers, confirming the quality and market share of Weichai engines in the truck market.


Weichai Genset, reliasble assistance for Data centers 

At the beginning of August, 15 Weichai stanby Genset powered by 20M33 engine  were handed over to the Data Center in Ningxia and put into use. Weichai 20M33 has been launched since 2021, right from its launch has quickly become a focal point in the industry because of many outstanding advantages:



Weichai Baudouin 6M33 impresses at Sichuan-Tibet railway project

In early August, many Weichai Baudouin 6M33 were handed over to customers and put into use at the Duoji tunnel construction project of the Sichuan - Tibet railway project, 4,000 meters high with sea level.


Weichai Group celebrates 25 years of Reform, Innovation and Development

At 10:00 am on July 31, Weichai Group's 25th Anniversary of Reform, Innovation and Development was solemnly held at the cultural palace of Weichai's group. The ceremony aims to honor individuals and collectives who have won the Outstanding Contribution Award during 25 years of reform and innovation.


SHIG Group & MNC Group Indonesia signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On the afternoon of July 27, Shandong Heavy Industry Group SHIG and MNC Group Indonesia held a ceremony to sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Singapore.

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Weichai Vietnam Team Building 2022

A moment of excitement, solidarity to build Weichai Vietnam team for a Green future in Vietnam.

Together, We are Winners!


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Weichai WP14T - The world's first diesel engine platform with a thermal efficiency of 51.09%.

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Baudouin - Everyday, Everywhere

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Warmly Welcome the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Weichai Group 1946-2021

#Weichai #75thAnniversary

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Ceremony the 75th Anniversary of Weichai Group (1946-2021)

October 18th, 2021 - A meaningful day for Weichai's people. There are 75 young couples from Weichai's companies hold a collective wedding at a ceremony the 75th anniversary of the founding of Weichai Group

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Sharing by Ms. Xue Hua, General Director of Weichai Vietnam at the Webinar "Sustainable Shipping - Green Technology in Shipbuilding" within the framework of INMEX 2021's event series on an online Zoom platform and streamed on Digital Connect. Comprehensive solution "The core is clean energy, combined with advanced engine technology and technical measures, efficient operation"

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Weichai 2021

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Warmly Celebrates the 74th Anniversary of the Weichai's founding
(20.10.1946 - 20.10.2020)

This is very Weichai!
Weichai celebrated its 74th birthday.
Weichai’s speed, passion, hard-core technology, smile... on this special day, one glorious moment, frame after frame of moving pictures, all demonstrate the original intention and mission of Weichai people

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Weichai - We are ONE
A thousand miles away
Although we come from different countries
But we respect, tolerate, and collaborate effectively

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Interview Mrs. Xue Hua - Managing Director of Weichai Vietnam on HTV9 - INMEX Vietnam 2019