The company always adheres to the operating strategy of using both product management and capital operation as the driving force, and constantly enhances its products’ core competitiveness in terms of cost, technique and quality to successfully build a new pattern of joint development consisting of four key sectors — powertrain (engines, transmissions and axles), vehicle engines, hydraulic control and auto parts. Having formed the most complete and most competitive industry chain in the whole Chinese automobile industry and owning the extreme core technology and product in the construction machinery industry.



Industry Base

The company has formed the Weifang-centered all series power industrial base, the Xi’an-centered heavy-duty vehicle and powertrain industrial base, the Chongqing-centered big-power engine and light-duty vehicle industrial base, and the Yangzhou-centered automobile electronics and parts industrial base. Our brands, such as "Weichai Power engine", "Fast Gear", "Hande Axle" and "Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck" are playing a leading and dominant role in the relevant domestic market, forming the concentration effect of brands. On September 3, 2012, the company signed the strategic cooperation agreement with KION Group Germany, marked the core technologies of enterprise directly into the world's leading level.

R & D

With the sole enterprise-based national key laboratory for the testing of reliability of internal combustion engine, modern "national enterprise technology center", the first-class level product experiment center in China, and "postdoctoral workstation", the company located its R&D centers in the United States, Europe and Weifang, Shanghai, Chongqing, Yangzhou, Xi’an in china. Standing on the global leading research and development platform, the company has undertaken and involved in 22 national "863 project", scientific supporting plans, international cooperation plans and scientific research projects, achieved 1437 product and technology patent licenses.



Weichai Power takes the lead in passing GJB9001B and ISO/TS16949 quality management system authentication in the same industry, sets up a service network consists of 5000 special maintenance service centers in the whole nation, with 243 overseas service stations, the products are sold well in Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil, more than 110 countries.


Chairman Tan Xuguang got the titles of "May 1st labor medal", "national model worker", "National outstanding entrepreneur", "Ten wealth leader", "Yuan Baohua enterprise management gold medal", "Equipment China meritorious entrepreneurs", "In 2011 ten Chinese innovative personages ", "Excellent Leader of Quality Management". In 2005 and 2010, he was awarded "CCTV's China Economic Figure of the Year". He is also the president of China industrial economic association, the deputy president of China machinery industry federation, the deputy president of China enterprise confederation and China entrepreneurs association, as well as the council chairman of China internal combustion engine industry association.




Weichai Power takes "Green Power, International Weichai" as the mission, and “customer’s satisfaction” as the aim, which has formed the enterprise culture of “responsibility, communication, inclusiveness”. The corporate vision is to become a sustainably developing world-leading international industrial equipment manufacturing group with core technologies, taking engines and vehicles as the orientation and powertrain system as the core.