A few days ago, the 130 meter long cargo ship Chang Hang Huo Yun 002 equipped with LNG WH20 engine was successfully launched in Hubei province, China. This is the natural gas engines researched and developed by Weichai for the high-end market segment. This engine seri uses many advanced technologies, which are highly appreciated by experts for features.

◆ Using modern micro-injection ignition technology, leading performance index in the world

◆ Strictly tested through many rigorous reviews, reliable product quality

◆ Compared with diesel engines, LNG-powered engines can save 30% on fuel costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% and reduce carbon emissions by up to 60 tons per year.

Weichai is a leading manufacturer in the field of manufacturing engines using environmentally friendly fuel sources. WH20 liquefied natural gas engine is one of Weichai's typical engine series, launching this engine model marks an important step in promoting the transition to green fuel, because a clean environment.