From September 20th to 25th, IAA Transportation 2022 was held in Hanover, Germany. 

Although the global economy has been covered by a wave of recession and disease in the past few years, it is not difficult to feel the excitement and careful investment of the businesses participating in the IAA Transportation 2022 for the first time. this. As one of the notable brands at IAA Transportation 2022, Weichai made a stunning appearance with its new high thermal efficiency H-platform power, such as WP2H / 5H / 8H / 15H with a power range of 190-660 horsepower, commercial vehicle powertrain adopts the world's exclusive 51.09% high thermal efficiency technology, new energy powerr and other power chain products with diversified technical routes, demonstrating Weichai's strong R&D and transformation capabilities.

Besides that, in the field of new energy sources, Weichai introduces Hybrid powertrain and Hydrogen fuel cell engine. This is considered the "most ideal weapon" to achieve the purpose of carbon neutrality in the logistics and freight sector in the future, the hydrogen fuel cell engine is considered the optimal solution that can meet the needs of the future. both environmental protection requirements and market demands. Currently, Weichai's hydrogen fuel cell engine has been installed on light trucks 4.5 tons, heavy trucks 18 tons, tractors 49 tons, buses...

With a series of new products and technologies introduced this time at IAA Transportation 2022, Weichai once again affirms its position and influence in the world commercial vehicle industry.

Weichai - The world's leading engines manufacturer!